Do you pay Medicare on your cal Strs pension when collecting the pension?

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Any Cal Strs retired teachers out there, do you pay Medicare Tax when you are collecting a cal Strs pension?

I am retired and on a CALSTRS pension but haven’t reached Medicare age yet. My district offers 10 years of medical/ dental coverage if you worked for them at least the final 10 years before retirement. Of course, I have to pay the member portion every month, amounting to almost 300 currently. I called CALSTRS to ask them your question based on my pay stub. It didn’t specifically list Medicare, only state and federal deductions for taxes. They did say you can opt for them to pay for your Medicare premiums. You can call them at 800-228-5453 or post on their Facebook site for further answers.

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Do you mean taxes to fund medicare, or medicare part b premiums?

I mean taxes to fund Medicare….

Most (all?) pensions do not include FICA taxes. I know nothing about CAL STRS, but I would think it operates similarly to most pensions.

FICA is only collected on earned income. Pensions are not earned income.