Cal Strs Pension plus how much more?

How much should California teachers be putting into a 403b/Ira, since we also get a pension? I’m looking for a percent (not including the 10.25% we our required to contribute to a pension)

If you don’t get a match for your 403b then I can tell you exactly how much you should put in. You should put in zero. $0.00. Instead you should fully fund your Roth IRA at one of Clark’s favorite brokerage companies, also your spouse should do it.

403bs are generally laid in with high fees and poor investment choices. Clark talks about this at length

Both of you together can put in $12,000 for 2022 and I think $13,000 for 2023 there you go that’s a lot of money. Save until it hurts.

If one of you stops working and the other one continues working, the one who isn’t working can continue to make spousal Roth IRA contributions with no problem