Employer's 403b and 401K

I am 62 year old, have a full time job, second job where I work on call/services as needed on the weekends, just resigned from the county after nineteen years. I owe on my mortgage is $153,000.00, financed loan for a new roof, HVAC at $54, 000.00. County 403b amount is $94,000. Second job 401K is $135,000 and I have a retirement with second job. Any advice for my finances?

Are you saying a new roof and HVAC cost you $54k?

Yes, live in CA, when I brought the house, it had a flat roof not pitch, no air conditioning. The only bills I have is the mortgage and finance payments through county assessor.

How is the money invested? Are the employers matching? Are you going to wait until 70 for Social Security? (My hunch is you should, as you have insufficient saving)