Digital TV antenna article

Read Clark’s newsletter post about getting a digital TV antenna for over the air broadcasts. I thought he might mention something about digital videos recorders, DVRs but he didn’t. Does anyone have any advice on this subject?

Here’s a website that will help you with information about using OTA, (over-the-air) TV antennas as it relates to where you live.

Once you get the scoop on your questions regarding you using digital TV antennas, and if you are able to receive a DTV signal, here’s a website that sells stuff that will allow you send the DTV signal over your home’s WIFI. That way you won’t have to run antenna cables to each place you want to watch TV. You can also watch the TV programing on a smart TV and on most devices that attach to your home’s WIFI. They also have multiple DVR solutions, I like their NAS-based software solution, I’ve been running it since 2014.

Clark always talked about the Tivo DVR’s back in the day and how much he liked them.

I have had the Tivo Roamio OTA DVR for years, bought it with the lifetime subscription for programing.

If I had to replace the DVR and with the new ATSC Tuners coming out someday in the future I would have no idea what to replace it with.

Enter your location and see which way the viewable stations are. The Digital TV Transition: Reception Maps

The problem I have with most consumer DVR solutions is that they don’t give you much flexibility to do anything with the the recorded media but watch it through the same device you record it on.

I like to be able to strip out the commercials and/or transfer the content to thumb drives etc. That way I can save it in any media I want to use for portability, archive, etc. The SiliconDust NAS DVR software and the PlayOn desktop program allows you to do that.