Digital Currency

Has Clark talked about a Cashless Society and the changes it will bring?

I do not pay much in cash but try to always have $100 in my wallet. A big change for me came when I started using a Credit Card at Fast food.

So what do you pay in cash… mostly the Barber, Lawn Guy, Dry Cleaner and Cleaning lady and of course vending machines. But am I ready to give up that crutch called cash.

I see why the Feds would like to get their share of the cash society… Does My Cleaning Lady and Lawn Guy report every penny. Those with a physical location like Barber and Dry Cleaner are probably easier to monitor.

Carrying around Money gives a sense of Security.
With half our population not trusting our Government, a Cashless Society is a giant leap.

If it is fair to EVERYONE. Love to see all the underground crime nullified. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, gambling, etc. Oh, and all the bribes that get used to persuade the controlling authority types.

The part that irks me is that once we go with digital currency 100%, nothing to stop “glitches” or actual intended interruptions in access. That is where physical cash works better.

I disagree almost totally with your support of digital currency (including your total switch to credit cards). Curbing crime is the only benefit.

First, i quit using credit cards whenever possible doing business with especially local businesses. When I learned how high the fees they paid to big banks (3-6% sometimes), I decided I would rather see that money go to my local business owner.
Btw, do you know who pays those cash back bonuses— it’s the businesses that took the card. (Whose rates vary depending on terms of each card). You can say it is a cost of business, but that cost increases their prices, including to those that don’t have credit cards.

As far as digital currency overall, I hope you like the idea of the government monitoring and perhaps regulating every penny you spend, because the plan for digital currency make it programmable, so you might not be able to buy fatty food, more than 10 gallons of gas a week, or whatever else the government is thinking from one week to another.

Learn what this is about before you support it.


Catherine Austin Fitts says to keep using cash:

#CashFriday — How to Fight Big Banks’ Plan to Digitize the Global Economy • Children’s Health Defense (

You might not be a fan of what is being labeled nowadays under the umbrella of conspiracy talk, but the money system is not something the government and banks really need to consult the citizens about. They do what they want to do.