Digital costs more than Delivery

Ad for County Paper… Does this make sense… especially considering the cost of Delivery.
I suspect their Business Section is no better.

Digital Subscription $3.24 per week

Less than 44¢ per day

Saturday Print + Digital $2.54 per week

Less than 37¢ per day

Tuesday - Saturday Print + Digital $3 per week

Less than 43¢ per day

They are trying to keep their print version alive, which I think is a good idea.

Could be that the publisher is using the income from digital subscriptions to underwrite the costs of printing paper editions.

If they are invested in the equipment anyway, which is likely the case, the cost of ink printing would then be less total cost to the publisher.

Or… it may simply be an anti-green statement by the paper’s owner.

Whatever, I had been subscribing since 1976…
I did not renew.
The only thing that makes sense is they can charge advertisers more for Paper. BTW, the Paper is so light now, it blows down the street on a mildly windy day.

the AJC took a different tact… Sunday + Digital $26 a year… .50 a week. I like this deal… although I would be just as happy not getting the Printed Edition.

These old eyes prefer on Line and Kindle print that I can adjust.

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