Deadline: "The Streaming Purge: Behind The Wave Of Library Content Removals & Its Impact On The Creative Community"

Will the same thing happen when books all go digital?
Or if there is some kind of contract issue? A few years ago Amazon pulled Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” off of people’s kindle devices.
What’s to say they won’t do something similar in the future?

I am against the removal of ‘inappropriate content’. It can be labeled as such but should not be subjected to what used to happen, book burning or complete removal.

I suggest the reading or watching of Orwells “1984” as there is a good example of changing text and thus memories. When you eliminate history (good or bad) you change the way items can be compared. In an extreme example, if you elimate all ‘bad’ then there can not be ‘good’.

So do you know when the changing of historical fact can happen? Almost daily and by Government officials.

Watch Congress. They stand up and ask "to revise and extend their remarks’. They will make statements or present data which becomes part of the record. Later, out of public view they can ‘revise and extend their remarks’ which then become the final official record.

Beginning in the 106th Congress, the House has, by unanimous consent, authorized all Members to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material (within two Record pages) during either one session or an entire Congress.

While they are not completely changing their presentation, it allows them to make many lengthly footnotes and additions to things not presented originally.

There is a difference in categorizing items so they can be discussed rather then be eliminated.

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Does that mean when a Congressperson makes a statement such as Bush Sr “read my lips, no new taxes” that they could revise the official record to show how “While you like no new taxes, read my lips that they’re necessary for pet government projects?”