Credit union snafu delays transfer of deceased funds

My husband died. I requested his funds be transferred to me. Although I was listed in my CU’s system as sole beneficiary, the CU first delayed a response, then froze his account. They had lost the original record with his signature. After several days of research, and to get the funds I needed urgently, I was asked to sign an indemnification agreement including a nondisclosure clause. Not only were they penalizing me for their mistake, they did not want anyone else to know about it. I refused to sign. Nearly, a month later, CU dropped their request for signed agreement, and transferred the funds to my accounts.

I would like to know if this kind of thing has happened to others. It is scary that a cu/bank can loose records after a death, and as a result cause all kinds of complications and difficulties. Looking back, my husband and I should have had more than one joint account, and 2. those accounts should have had enough money in them to get the survivor through death expenses plus several months of regular expenses. Still, others may want to double check the signed agreements held by their financial institution.