Costco credit card car rental insurance

Clark you mentioned in a recent article that the Costco credit card covers car rental insurance. A friend of mine recently hit a deer in his rental car and his American Express covered it. Would the Costco do the same . If you used your Costco card to rent

It is best to use a card that that provides Primary Coverage not Secondary Coverage. Although those cards usually have an annual fee. Chase Sapphire cards usually offer primary coverage. Many cards offer secondary coverage but few offer Primary coverage.

That way you don’t have to file a claim a against your own auto insurance company. I’ve had too many close calls in rental cars with rocks, lumber, and furniture flying off trucks and trailers on the freeway in rental cars. My Chase Sapphire is my go to card to use for rental cars.

The AMEX may have been primary coverage.

Amex is primary but you have to enroll in it. It doesn’t come by default with the card.

Yes, it’ll do the same up to $50K towards the cost of repairs or cash value of the car, whichever is less.