Consumerism has gotten me

Tried some scrambled eggs with Texas Pete sriracha sauce at a friend’s place a few weeks ago. I liked it. I bought a bottle of it to put on my food now. Lo and behold I find out there is a sriracha shortage for a particular brand of the sauce:

Sriracha Shortage Still in Full Swing One Year Later (

Now I am wondering how good this hard-to-get version is and it is keeping me up at night. No just joking. But I never needed or cared about sriracha sauce really before and now all of a sudden I wonder what the OG stuff is like.

I actually have a bottle of the Huy Fong sriracha sauce and a bottle of Texas Pete right now. I prefer the sriracha on Asian foods especially when we make stir fry. I prefer the Texas Pete on almost anything else like eggs or rice and beans. Sriracha is much hotter than Texas Pete, so I use a lot less and it has a totally different flavor. I have tried Trader Joes sriracha and I don’t like it as much as the Huy Fong. I don’t remember when I bought it as a bottle lasts awhile but it is in the last year so I haven’t noticed a shortage.