Consumer cellular rip off

i was paying my plan 20 bucks a month on a credit card, as soon as bill came. Last month without warning, they added 5 bucks to my bill per month for not leaving my credit card there for them to charge monthly.
I never would have expected that behavior of CC, as they do have a reputation of customer satisfaction

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Perhaps you missed the details of the rate plan. Unfortunately, this is neither dishonest nor unexpected. If you remove the payment method from your acct, then you have terminated your participation in AutoPay; therefore, your plan rate will increase to $25/mo. CC appears to merely be responding to your termination of AutoPay by removing the payment method and manually paying the bill.

I suggest having a separate Credit Card for on-line and recurring payments… easier to manage and keep track of them and know when to fold them… know when to walk away. :grinning:

Our Family Credit Card runs 2 pages… harder to mange those recurring and on line charges.

I do have the Chase Amazon Card for Amazon.


OK, so i was on non auto pay for the whole time i was with them for the 20 bucks a month plus tax. I called with a problem, and they probably noticed i paid by the month, and put a 5 buck charge on.
I did tell them to put me on autopay, but they would not credit me the 5 bucks.

I would expect it, though I have never used CC. Back in the day they had a “wonderful” so-called low cost plan. Seems like it was $20/mo, and it did nothing more or less than keep your line alive and provide you the right to spend $0.25/minute to use it! Horrible rip off, in a day when you could readily get prepaid for 25 cents/min with no monthly cost at all. I understand CC modern plans are not quite that bad.

Now that is a stinky resolution, @ladybuglake. Trying to understand how you were paying regularly w/ no AutoPay then something (what) changed and you now have an add-on. What CC said definitely doesn’t sound like the CC Clark/Team Clark speak to.

If they/their systems permitted your acct to be at that $20/mo w/o the AutoPay, that should be reported and handled w/I the company and not held against you. Something/piece of info is missing in this puzzle.

I just thought maybe you overlooked a billing insert or some other “blurb” that companies add to their e-bill. Neither is difficult to do and vendors typically can and will work with you. :thinking::pensive:

Good answer to a well know requirement.