Clark on Car Batteries

I bought my last Battery at Walmart… thanks to Clark info.
Previously I had bought from Autozone… I thought they had good prices. Walmart was better.

Clark talks about ORDERING a battery. Have you ever planned to buy a Battery? I have not. Isn’t that why folks carry Jumper cables. Buying a Battery is more like the saying “Sh-t Happens.”

I buy my tires at Costco, I wish they offered more services, installing a Battery is a very small step up.

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If you can’t install your own car battery, you have no business carrying jumper cables.


I have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring. The battery is located in the wheel well, behind the tire. You have to remove the tire in order to gain access to the battery.

Wasn’t going to mess around with that. Had it removed and replaced at a Pep Boys.

I also carry a jumper cables and a jump pack.

I stand corrected. In that case, assuming you know how to use jumper cables, it makes sense to have them. I limit my prior comment to cars with the battery at the top of the engine bay.