Cheap Place to purchase batteries

I assume since they were not listed … Dollar General, Dollars Store - I purchase my batteries there for $1.25 for package of 4 - AA,AAA, D, 9V ( package of 2) . Brand Panasonic or if they don’t have them what other brand.

I will not purchase any from Costco, I purchase their brand, used four batteries out the large package. in 6 months or so I noticed they were leaking, went to change them out from the large package and noticed some others were leaking. Took them back to Costco to return them and was REFUSED!!! I talk to the manager and he refused as well. So I buy only certain items from them - mainly gas for traveling and paper goods nothing else. So your worshiping of them is not well placed in my experience. They lost money on me over say a $20.00 dollars worth of batteries.
Dollar Store or Dollar General for me.

I haven’t done the math on prices, but we’ve found that these batteries from Amazon measure up very favorably with some of the leading brands. Perhaps not the cheapest, but long-life must be considered when determining cost effectiveness.

I generally purchase batteries at Home Depot. I only use Energizer or Duracell. Those brands hold up, and last; other brands burn out rapidly.

I would ask why Costco would not take the batteries back if they were a recent purchase. They must have given a reason.

My bad. I flogged these economy batteries then failed to supply a link to the product recommended. We’ve had great success with both the AA and AAA form of these. And the price is most attractive.

I recently decided to start using the rechargable batteries again rathe than the disposable ones. I have too many old ones I need t orecycle.

I bought from Amazon some AA and many AAA batteries and a charger that can charge both sizes. The slots have away either battery can fit in the same slot to charge and I can charge 8 at a time. The charger is pretty cheap as it only has a USB-A to USB-B cable and I use an existing USB charger I have.

I was able to buy some LED lights ar Costco when they were being discontinued and bout about 20 for $20. They looked like this and each had an LED and a rechargeable battery in them. The yare charged by a small solar cell on top. If the LEDs stop working I can just take the removeable batteries out and use them in other things.

The top with the solar cella d LED can be slipped out and sometimes I use that as a handy flashlight which is normally stored ont he side of the house :slight_smile:

That’s a very attractive light for only a dollar!!

Mine is metal with glass sides. I would have been happier with plastic. The solar cells are under a plastic coating which became hazed (like the plastic headlights on vehicles). Not perfect but great for lighting a pathway or the side of a building .

I ALWAYS check the lighting aisle because here many of the products are discounted because of the electric company wanting people to convert to LEDs. Also Costco puts things on redicouls prices when there are only a smattering of them left.

These were 99 cents in my Costco for the box of 2. I bought all they had left. We used them in a sheetrock ceiling and the basement with an adjustable “socket” that has arms to fit between rafters.

Just bought 18 AA on sale at Harbor Freight for $5.95. Never tried theirs before, time will tell if it’s smart.

I just purchased a bunch of rechargeable batteries from Amazon. I was careful to note what they are made of and their rate.

Some of these batteries have a smaller capacity and are listed for things like LED lighting fixtures. Others are heftier for general use in things like motors.

You can usually find Youtube videos with comparisons of batteries from various places and what they are good for. Which AA Battery is Best? Can Amazon Basics beat Energizer? Let's find out! - YouTube