Call forwarding when in Europe - two factor authentication

Hi all. I currently have Total Wireless here in the US. We are taking a two week trip to Europe in September. I planned on picking up a local sim when I get there. My concern is how to forward texts for two factor authentication.

I couldn’t find any info from Total Wireless but if they operate similar to Verizon, call or text forwarding is to US numbers only.

Any thoughts or strategies I could try?

Thanks for the help

Some options:

  1. An authenticator app instead of texts for 2FA. Many banks don’t support this, for some reason.
  2. Set up a Google Voice number, and use that for your 2FA. You can check that on the web or an app on your phone, as long as you have an internet connection. You should be able forward your Total Wireless texts to GV if you can forward them to another US number.
  3. Email as 2FA. Presumably this isn’t an option for whatever you need, or else you probably wouldn’t have asked about call forwarding. But double-check what your options are.