Buy unlocked iPhone

I have decided to buy an iPhone rather than replace my Android with another Android. I have been using TMobile for several years now and am happy with my deal with them. I can get an iPhone that works on TMobile from the Apple store for less than an unlocked phone. I’m not quite sure how this works. Can a T-Mobile iPhone later be unlocked and over to a different carrier? Is there a charge for that? There must be a reason an unlocked one costs more. I went by the T-Mobile store to get info on buying an iPhone from them but the clerk was really uninformed and unable to explain even basics to me.

I found this (old) article:

Why Are ‘Unlocked’ Phones More Expensive Than Locked Ones? | HowStuffWorks

Something I did not know really. Still on my first smart phone though.

Holding out hope that they market an affordable smart cellphone that links up to satellites so that I can make backcountry calls/texts.

Do you need a new iPhone ? Can you just buy a used unlocked iPhone from Swappa ? This is where we get all of our phones right when the 2 year newer model is released.

Thanks for that article.

I never heard of this before. I’m going to look into it. Thanks.

Is T-Mobile Phones carrier locked?

To unlock a T-Mobile device, go to T-Mobile’s unlock page and follow the steps listed for your phone’s manufacturer. If 40 days have passed since you bought your phone through the carrier and your postpaid account is in good standing, T-Mobile will unlock your phone.Oct 3, 2022

40 Days… Excellent!!