Best fake beef?

Vegetarian family coming, and I make spaget and chili and will need fake beef. Any recommendations?

For the spaget, you could try tofu, but freeze it first in its water, then thaw (allow plenty of time for that) and squeeze the water out. It will have a spongier and chewier texture.

For the chili, lots of beans! Or you could try mushrooms.

I don’t find any of the plant-based fake meats appealing.

I don’t either when served alone, but in a dish like chili, should probably be okay.

Just remembered. Last time they were here, they bought soy nuggets as Target. Worked great, but I don’t recall what it’s called or who makes it.

You might ask your vegetarian family members for suggestions. They probably know what’s good and bad in that realm.

My Mom would make Tuna Spaghetti on No Meat days.

I wonder about highly-processed fake beef.

But for your chili, maybe try Morningstar Farms Grillers (sort of like ground beef, soy based).

Michael Pollan ("In Defense of Food) : "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

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TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) is a healthful, inexpensive, and decent tasting a textured replacement for ground beef. I halve a meatless loaf recipe that uses TVP, bulgur wheat as the meaty base substitute. It does use an egg as a binder, so it’s not completely Vegan. TVP also works for chili really well.

I think that’s it…! Many thanks

Try cashews in the chili. I eat chana masala a lot and cashews add a bit to it. Chana masala is like an Indian chili.

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Good idea! I eat a lot of long grain brown rice, and add a lot of fillers, like dried cherries, diced apples, raisins, etc, plus cashews and peanuts. However, the nuts are too hard with the soft rice, so I nuke them for two minutes in water. Perfect.

Family loves chili so will add cashews!

You can make spaghetti (or other pasta) without putting meat in the sauce, and it just as good as a sauce with meat. I’m no help with the chili