Artificial Intelligence Is Talking Trash!

Of all the scary things that AI might bring to the table, maybe it’s use in our huge trash recycling challenge could be a good thing… maybe the best thing!

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An interesting use of AI, but of late we’ve become more and more skeptical of the benefits of recycling almost any type of plastic. A lot of wisdom seems to indicate that it just doesn’t make great economic or environmental sense. Choking off the sources of all the plastics would seem to bring the most benefits, but that’s obviously the most difficult thing to accomplish, economically or politically.

The article was pretty depressing. But when I looked at the sorting diagram in the article I posted it showed that out of the 18 or so total items in the illustration most were different kinds of paper fiber and the eight that were plastic were categorized into three different categories; lids, film and foam.

Maybe AI will help solve some of the issues that your article brought to light. Even with thousands of different categories AI and quantum computing should eventually come up more workable solutions than we have presently.

Quantum Computing in Artificial Intelligence Around the Corner.

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Perhaps AI will one day help develop a product, natural or manmade that with quickly decompose all types of plastic and turn it into high grade fertilizer or something. Of course it would be necessary to store this miracle in something other than a plastic container. :innocent:

We have had to back away from some of our recycling. We can put some things into landfills but we get a lot of NIMB (Not In My Backyard). We stopped recycling plastics, Many of the items were shipped to the mainland or overseas, but that has slowed too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw first world countries imposing lots more restrictions on the manufacture and distribution of non recyclable containers in the near future.
Like this:

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That’s probably the ultimate solution, but countries like China are unlikely to follow suit, and the U.S. probably won’t be an early or eager adopter.

We used to have a yearly (or twice yearly) recycle of electronics and batteries, etc.

Now the electronic manufactors are encouraging (or maybe were forced to) more often recycling of e-waste.

(The recycle company) is conducting a free electronics recycling collection event on June 9, 2023 at their new location. This is an electronics manufacturer-sponsored event. Acceptable electronics include: TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, computer keyboards & mice, computer monitors, printers, VCRs, CD/DVD/Blu Ray players, stereo receivers/amplifiers (no speakers), UPS systems, digital cameras, mobile and landline telephones. Items not on this list will not be accepted for recycling.

Also accepting lead-acid batteries at these collection events. May pay you scrap value for lead-acid batteries based on market price. Also accepting photovoltaic solar panels for recycling, call for more info and pricing.

For us we HAVE to keep the stuff out of the landfills here as we also don’t have an easy opportunity to send it elsewhere without massive cost. On the mainland you have an easier way to send it to another state.

I think a lot of our electronic recyclable waste ended up on cargo ships bound for Asian and West African ports. I think some of those may have dried up or become too saturated.