Apple Watch Question

I am planning to buy an Apple Watch for safety reasons and am trying to decide whether it is necessary to buy one that has an additional phone line. My understanding is that as long as my watch is within a certain distance of my iPhone it won’t be necessary

What is your opinion?

My first Apple Watch I paid the extra money to get the cellular capability. Never activated it. When I bought a new one I saved money by not getting the cellular option. I ALWAYS have my phone with me.

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The thread asked about Apple, but are there Android watch users out there? I’ve always wondered why bother with a phone-linked watch if your phone is on your hip or in your hands all the time. How do you deploy your watch?

My wife has an Apple watch and we pay an extra $10 a month (T-Mobile) for cell service. It ties to her iPhone 14 and to her iPad as well. She often keeps her phone in her purse, it’s mostly a pockets issue. It comes in handy for her when she’s doing stuff around the house, in the yard and in places where a phone isn’t handy or appropriate…

She can answer calls, text & make calls from her watch but prefers her phone for anything but real short conversations and notifications. For her it’s been great, I have pockets and prefer a phone and a $16 Casio Forester analog wristwatch.


Thanks for all the helpful replies to my question

Does anyone know the answer to this question. If I buy an Apple Watch that has a cellular option and pay the extra monthly fee on my ATT account for the service on that extra device, will I be able to use that same watch when it is near my iPhone is I subsequently decide that I don’t need that extra cellular line?

I’d ask my carrier that question.