A.I. Voice Duplication

I was listening to NPR the other day and there was a segment on people using A.I. to impersonate famous people and the issues that could arise.

I had dabbled with A.I. a bit (CharGPT and so on) so being an aging DJ and Voicemail Voice, I decided to upload a sample of my voice and then some text to see if it sounded like me.

I uploaded a sample from an audio blog I posted decades ago and uploaded some text from a recent blog. I was limited to perhaps 1,000 character for free, but it does sound like me! Scary, but useful. I would love to have it record all my old blogs (over 1,000) but there are many typos and it does not correct them.


Some banks and investment firms are using voice recognition as part of their authentication process. I wonder if these AI generated voices are good enough to pass these authentication process?