Why is it that the Hello Mobile cell phone service is never mentioned by Clark Howard?

Hello all,

I have been looking for any mention of the Hello Mobile cell service by Clark Howard for several months now but seems It’s never mentioned, at least not as far as I can determine.

I was a Hello Mobile customer for about 2 years and it worked well without any major problems.

Hello Mobile DOES have a deservedly bad reputation for lousy customer service but the service itself worked well for me and is one of the lowest cost cell phone services I’m aware of.

One of the best things about it is that whatever plan pricing you see is the price you pay, with no surprises, no extra fees or taxes, etc etc.

I first heard about Hello Mobile on the bestMVNO.com website about 3 or 4 years ago.

I know this might sound like I’m shilling for them but I have absolutely no interest in Hello Mobile except that it seems like it’s well worth mentioning here, especially if you’re as cheap as I am or as cheap as Clark Howard often says he is.

If Clark Howard or anyone else has any specific problems with Hello Mobile I’d like to hear what those might be.

Can anyone respond to any of this?

Thank you


There are many, many MVNO’s out there. Clark can’t mention them all or he wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else.

I’ve been with a little known MVNO for 5ish years. Boom Mobile. For what it’s worth!

Yes, I understand there are many mvno’s but there are not all that many and Hello Mobile seems to definitely be worth a look because of their very low cell phone plan prices, including no extra taxes or fees, so the price you see up front is the price you pay, no surprises. That’s NOT true of most of the other cell service carriers, mvno or otherwise.

HM DOES have lousy customer service support but with a little luck you won’t ever need it. That’s essentially how it was for me.

And since Clark is almost as cheap as I am I think it’s well worth him taking a look at HM, if he hasn’t before. So I hope someone brings this to his attention so he can take a look at it.

And if he has already taken a look at it I’d really like to know what his opinion of it was, good or bad.

I was on Hello Mobile for about 2 years and it worked well. I was able to switch from my current cell phone carrier at the time to HM in just a few minutes and without calling anyone. Fortunately I didn’t have any real problems later that I had to call customer service about.

And thanks for the tip about Boom Mobile. I will take a look at them.