Why can't I save and encrypt CSV's in Excel?

Maybe it can’t be done?

For years, I have shared encrypted Word files with my sons, files with financial, investment, and tax matters. Private family stuff.

It also works with most Excel files, but not CSV format files. I can create a CSV file, enlarge the narrow default columns, and then save it. But then I close it, and reopen, and it changed to the narrow columns.

Same with encryption. I save it, then encrypt it like I’ve done a hundred times in Word. I close it, then reopen, and it displays the same narrow columns with all the data.

The process is the same, so perhaps it can’t be done with a CSV file?

[there is a reason I want to do this, but wonder if it can’t be done?]

I think CSV is just a text file with commas separating each column. It doesn’t include formatting.

Edit: open your CSV file in Notepad and see what I mean.

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If the reason you want to send an encrypted CSV file is because the recipient doesn’t use Excel, the free Open Office application will open most .xls & xlt files.

@ratbert2k is correct. CSV is not an Excel format…its an open exchange format that is used to share data across different applications and platforms.

Thanks all. Your comments make sense. I’ll have to find another way.

@robertpri not saying I fully understand your purpose…but have you considered looking into a digital vault that can be shared with your family members ?

Any suggestions? I looked at some, but $15-20 / user / month is a bit high when I only want to upload / share 2-3 files per year.

Dropbox or similar?

I personally use Syncthing to share a folder amongst my various systems (cellphone, win7, win10 etc). It is free but a bit techniocal to set up. It is a great way to have a folder with something like family photos and share it with another computer. That way it is free offsite storage :slight_smile: The connections are encrypted.

I read several reviews and it sounds good, but saw no indication another person could access it from their computer. Yes / No ???

Is using a family password manager an option ? They usually have a storage component with them. I agree that $15 / user / month is too expensive. Something simpler like OneDrive or DropBox or iDrive could also work…

I have onedrive, but how can he access it?
Or can he? [I’ve read endless MS sites on onedrive, but they never mention it]

Syncthing runs on multiple devices. You would load it on the computers you want to share files between. That share can be either way or both ways.

As I say, it is a little bit technical to set up but then works pretty well. Literally when I take a photo on my cellphone, if I am connected via my data plan or on a wifi connection, that photo is copied t omy computer at home. I did this after I once took many photos for weeks with a cellphone, then went down to ‘The End Of The World’ and while taking a photo, was knocked over by a wave and the phone went under. Up until that moment, all my photos would have been saved automatically back at home, because the home computer is online all the time.