Where do you get your News?

Where do you get your news… do you prefer Paper or Plastic or rather Honest or Manipulated. Is there an Honest still there?

For decades we watched the Evening News with Dinner.
We have always had a TV in the Kitchen.

About 6 weeks ago we switched to Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Maybe now we will be happier… as uninformed as the majority. I have never liked listening to lies anyway.

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If you are equating the term “honest” with “unbiased,” I would agree. But we rarely hear or read unbiased news regardless of where it comes from.

The very fact that a bit of information is considered “news” or “newsworthy” implies that it has passed through some person or institution’s filters to determine if it qualifies as “news.” Our own filters are applied to what we hear, and based on those biased filters, we decide on it’s truthfulness.

I get news from the major OTA networks, including FOX News and selected podcasts. I often double-check some of that information with those, and other trusted sources, to help me decide on it’s veracity.

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Never has been.


print: nyt, wsj
electronic: local longmont and boulder colo paper, columbus dispatch, newark [oh.]advocate
‘true news’ is subjective. people are slanted or biased and it works its way into the article via word
choice, etc. the best ‘trails of truth’ i follow are the letters to the editor and online comment sections.
i read something about a story i agree or do not agree with, and follow the comments to their origins.gave up ‘tv news’ ages ago. do not do commercials and banter, whether inocuous or heated, is just tiresome and a waste of time.