When do new 2024 CD rates get posted?

CD will mature early January. When can I find out competitive rates from other banks?

Rates change too often to post a future rate. That’s like asking what the price of a stock will be on January 10th.


Open an account at Schwab or Fidelity, they list brokered CDs there from many, many banks.

CD rates are specific to the CDs they quote. If your current CD will mature in Jan you’ll have to wait till then to take action, the quoted rates for the alternatives to your current CD will available at that time.

If you want to redeem your CD there could also be a waiting period after the CD matures to get the full amount.

or look at depositaccounts.com

With the signaled three 0.25 pct fed decreases, it seems now right be the time to get a long term cd, if you have more money to save.

Do you mean decreases?

Yes, sorry. All fixed. Thank you.

I start looking a couple of weeks ahead, you get a sense of who has good rates and who doesn’t. I usually go with my credit union (WINGS) because they generally have the lowest rates plus it’s convenient.