What's the effect of two people getting married? One on retirement income and the other on disability. What happens to our checks?

Myself and the love of my life are about to get married. We were wondering what will the effect be financially for us since I’m collecting social security retirement and she collecting disability. Would this hurt our income?

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The question would be what impact of your assets and being on SS have on her disability SSI or disability SSDI as a spouse? Don’t know what the limits are?

She is receiving part of her disability from her dad’s account. I don’t want her to lose that. It would reduce her income. I don’t mind picking up any slack, but she fought really hard to get what she’s got.

I would guess that the best source for an accurate answer would be the SSA, and they would probably only give the information to your future wife.

There are many ways to get the same rights and privileges as married people without being married, if you find that getting legally married makes the two of you worse-off than before. You can sign legal documents so that you can make medical decisions for each other, visit each other in the hospital as if you were married, and inherit each other’s assets. On top of those documents, many faiths offer ceremonies of commitment where you have all the trappings of a wedding, you can even tell everyone you’re getting married, it’s just missing the marriage license. About the only thing you miss if you don’t get married is the tax deduction. If you’re not high earners, it doesn’t matter.

Thank you for your insight. We really didn’t know about the ceremonial thing. We’ll look into these matters. Again.

Thank you.

Financial Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA waiver
Last Will and Testament
Term Life Insurance to protect them
Name your partner in all of your financial beneficiary designations

and this is almost word for word the same as our marriage ceremony

Lifelong_Covenant_Liturgy.pub (episcopalchurchsc.org)

Sorry when I read the liturgy I have to get out the Kleenex…

Again, thank you :+1:

Does that mean she was disabled before age 22? I think that means she would lose her disability if she marries, but definitely review SS regs. If on her own SSDI, marriage shouldn’t have an affect. If on SSI, marriage would likely reduce or eliminate the benefit.

How old is she? If you are collecting a retirement benefit, she may become eligible for a spousal benefit.

We lived 15 years without marrying, and used those forms ochatona listed here. We also bought cars and houses as single people.

We only got married because I took a job in Taipei and married coupld made a LOT more money and benefits, including air travel to the states.

It was an easy decision.

She’s 36 and I am 71. We have been together for close to 15 years. She has been disabled since childhood. We have lived together for a great number of the years.

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Well, she is too young to collect a spousal benefit.

That I am aware of my fear is she may lose her father’s part of her disability payments cuz she receives that plus social security. I’ll be trying to get through to social security today sometime. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thank you!