Social Security when a spouse dies and the surviving spouse's payments need to be adjusted upwards

My Wife has assisted several elderly in this situation. She has to usually make several calls (hours on hold), not giving up until they get the picture. (using made up numbers) Hatband passes on the 15th and was getting 1,500 a month. Wife was getting $900 a month. The husbands is canceled for the month he passed and they adjust hers the following month. That is not the way it is suppose to work, the wife’s should have been adjusted the month the Husband’s was stopped. Get ready for fun talking to them and countless hours on the phone, This can be several $100 dollars in some cases. Don’t give up until you get someone who can understand and correct the situation.

I think you misunderstand how it works. I’d suggest reading the questions/answers on the Maximize My Social Security website. As appropriate, there are links to social security POMs.

Part of it is that social security benefits are paid a month in arrears. The payment I receive this month pays last month’s benefit.

Hatband passes on the 15th and was getting 1,500 a month. Let;s say that was the 15th of February.
Hatband receives his January benefit in February, $1500.
Spouse receives a spousal benefit for January, in February, $900.

In March Spouse should receive a survivors benefit for February, probably $1500.

(assuming the funeral home notified social security of the death (they usually do))