What's the best credit card bonus you have ever gotten?

Credit card sign-up bonuses are a great way to get some quickly returned value from a new credit card.

Most bonuses require that you spend a certain amount of money within a particular time frame (ex. spend $1,000 within the first three months of membership.)

Some of them offer bonuses worth more than $500! But those cards usually have an annual fee, so there’s some math to be done to see if that card is actually worth carrying in your wallet for the long term.

I keep track of both the welcome bonuses that come with low annual fee cards and the high-value bonuses that come with cards that have higher annual fees. (Both articles linked above)

I’m reaching out to the Clark community today to see if you guys have some credit card bonus success stories to share.

Some things I’m wondering:

  • What is the most lucrative welcome bonus you’ve ever enjoyed?
  • Did it involve an annual fee?
  • Did it have a good rewards program for you to take advantage of after the bonus period?
  • Did you keep the credit card for the long haul?

And you guys can let me know if there are some bonuses out there now that you think I should mention in our content at Clark.com. We’re always trying to help readers get the best deal!

Looking forward to seeing what the Clark community has to offer on this topic! You all know your stuff!


3% cash back with USAA Visa when paying USAA insurance premiums.

That was 3-4 years ago, it no longer is the case.

I don’t think that’s what Nick was asking.

Yeah, you’re right… I just looked at the post title… my mistrake. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case, a $500 CC sign-up bonus would make me wonder how the CC company could afford such a large bonus.

If I sign up, will I end up the source of their anticipated profits to cover the bonus?

I have taken advantage of quite a few! I recently took advantage of this one for $750 back, and my husband grabbed this one for $900 toward travel a few years back (I think the offer was a bit different back then.) Thanks to your team!

I’ve churned a few cards for the bonus. Chase Ink and Sapphire cards are great with a $700 bonus. Capital One with $500 bonus. Citicard with $700 bonus. I can put $50k in charges on my cards in a month, so it’s easy to meet the requirements. Never sign up for a low or no bonus credit card…you’re giving away money. I see college kids signing up on campus for a free t-shirt. Not smart.

It’s not like they are going to qualify for a $500 sign-up bonus.

If they can charge $3000 (depending on the bonus requirement) over a 3 month period, then they can qualify. Many people find a way to put their rent or even tuition on their credit card to reach the bonus and get points.

A lot of college students can’t pull that off. That wasn’t what I was referring to when I say “Qualify” though. I was referring to having the credit history to be approved.

In any event, most college students are probably better off skipping the credit card incentives until they get a little more experience paying their own bills and (more importantly) earning money.

Agreed. My point was that it’s not smart to sign up for credit lightly…like for a t-shirt. And when you do sign up for a credit card, get one that rewards you with something that you value. For me, that’s $500-$1000 bonuses and points I can convert towards travel.