What credit card benefit do you use the most?

Do you get a lot of value out of a consumer benefit from one of your credit cards?

When I write about rewards credit cards at Clark.com, I talk a lot about cash back.

That’s because Clark is a big believer in getting at least 2% cash back on every purchase you make. (If you pay your credit card bills in full each month, that’s essentially a 2% discount on every thing you purchase!)

But today I wanted to ask about what you’re seeing from your credit card beyond the cash back.

Credit card issuers are getting creative in ways to hook you into being a customer. Some are offering extended warranties on big purchases. Others are offering insurance on things like cell phones and auto rentals.

And if you have one of those fancy travel credit cards, you may see some really great travel-related benefits like airport lounge access, trip cancellation insurance or flight/hotel upgrades.

Personally, I make sure I pay my wireless bill with a credit card that offers complimentary insurance and I make sure I book my trips with a travel card that offers trip-related benefits.

But I’m turning this discussion over to the savvy credit card users of the Clark community!

  • Which credit card benefit do you use the most?
  • Have you calculated the value of that benefit in your life?
  • Does it come with a credit card that has a low annual fee?
  • What benefits are you receiving that you find aren’t very useful?

I’d love to hear stories (both good and bad) on your personal usage of these card’s advertised benefits!

I just do the cash back and cross my fingers that any rental car insurance coverage on a card I use works if needed. I haven’t found any coverages for replacement of lost or stolen items bought with a card are worth a crap. Haven’t tried any warranty claims for things bought with a card.

AMEX Gold Biz card has a $20 cash back feature at office supply stores. My business doesn’t need or generally use office supplies. So I order laundry detergent or sodas from Staples and have it delivered, staying around the $20 mark per month and it is automatically reimbursed on AMEX. Amex Gold also gives me Wal-Mart Plus and Paramount Plus for free. The Amex Gold Biz is a great card for us.

I use the Citi double cash-back since I pay the balance off each month.