What Setting Do You Keep Your Thermostat on During the Summer?

Ouch! I whine at $350…

75 degrees

We are hotter, and using supercooling, my electric is far, far less than that. Roughly in the $250 range for July and August. Less for September, and even less for June.

It makes a difference if the home has a heat pump or traditional air conditioning and heat. With a heat pump, it is best to not change the temperature over a wild range. When heating, the heating will turn on emergency heat and running emergency heat is extremely expensive.

Watching the humidity is also particularly important. In areas where the humidity is high, cooling needs to run enough to keep the indoor humidity low. This can improve comfort without raising the temperature. Many of us may have stayed in hotels where the room ac only runs if someone is in the room. The room may seem damp and maybe even moldy. This can be due to not running the ac enough. In areas where the humidity is low, it may be necessary to add a humidifier to the system. Proper humidity helps alleviate sinus problems, dry skin, and other issues. Keeping the humidity up in colder, dry areas can make indoor comfort better while keeping the temperature lower.

Many smart thermostats have controls for humidity. However, many people who own smart thermostats may not have them programmed to help control humidity.

Here in Florida I have mine set at 75 degrees both upstairs and downstairs. I like to be comfortable.

Wish my bill was that small. My electric bill is high than my car payment during the summer

If heating and cooling bills are extreme, consider having the insulation in the home evaluated. Adding insulation to a home is a relatively low-cost option for improving the energy efficiency of a home. It has to be done properly by a contractor that knows what they are doing. Otherwise, it could be wasted money.

Changing windows to newer more energy efficient windows is an option that you may see advertised frequently. The return on investment can be quite long when buying replacement windows. If a remodeling project is being done, then new windows may be a good option at that time.

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Check with your electric company to see if there are other plans that might save you $. Also, while it doesn’t change the cost, leveling out the bills over the year can help you manage your finances better.

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