Washington Examiner: "Ferrari holds out against pressures to abandon combustion engine"

And I bet there will be a long waiting list.

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I wish more automakers told the Feds where to stick their false Climate Change BS. This has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with control. Socialists and global elites can’t survive without it.

Ferrari is a bit player in the scheme of things. They cater to people with big wallets and bigger egos. The fact they ignore the reality that the world is changing will have zero effect on what the real players do about phasing out ICE cars.

Ive always been a big fan of Ferrari. I love the classic styling on their cars. They have adapted in other areas, such as the move away from manual transmissions to the electronic paddle shifting.

I hope to own one down the road.

I drove a 1982 911S Targa for three years. I drive a Volvo XC-40 EV today.

The 911 was fun to drive and I cried the day I sold it. But my Volvo is more fun to drive than the Porsche was.

I’ve never owned a Ferrari, but have friends who’ve owned several. I dreamed of owning a Porsche for years and in 1982 finally got the chance to own one.

In the end, they are all just cars and my friends who owned exotic sports cars were left with the same feeling, the Ferraris, Porches, Lamborghinis and Cobras… they were all “just a car.”

Airplanes an boats are different… but not for what they represent in themselves… they can take you somewhere! That’s what’s exciting about them!

Agreed! The Ferrari cult are for the most part are 1% of 1% wanna bes. The Billionaires attempting to, and actually controlling the levers of government when they can, do not drive themselves anywhere and thus have no use for Ferraris. It would be great if folks like skimmer90 understood that fact and stop doing the Billionaires bidding for them. Get news from a more diverse media.

I’m an old 1960s hot rodder and I can understand where folks like skimmer90 are coming from. It’s a lotta fun listening to a high performance engine go vroom, have the engine torque rock the whole car and to feel the acceleration set you back in your seat.

I think that culture might be strong enough to convince them that the climate believers are their enemies. But in reality the tree huggers and the climate deniers are all in the same boat.

It’ll be interesting to watch when each individual boat passenger decides to start bailing. :nerd_face:

You are comparing a 40 year old 911 to a new EV? You need to drive a new Turbo S or a GT3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have two friends who collect race cars and I’ve taken rides in a Ford GT and a couple of late street Carreras. The Ford was a racer that was later made street legal.

There’s less noise and fuss with an EV and it feels a lot more connected to the road during acceleration. And 3-5 sec. 0-60 times with no tire squeal makes it fun to drive without attracting unwanted attention.

If you like fast cars, they are just plain fun, and a whole lot less trouble, noise and maintenance.

I was just talking driving experience. I agree with you about EV’s. I have a manual 2013 Porsche Boxster that I have owned almost 10 years and can’t part with it. If I ever do, my next car will be an EV. Hopefully, someone will make an affordable convertible sports car EV. Rumor is the Boxster is going EV by 2024 or 2025. I might think about it then!

The attractiveness of the better-performing EVs is that they have a very low center of gravity, good fore and aft weight balance and traction-controlled instant torque to all four wheels. That gives you excellent acceleration, good road feel and great tracking under every condition I’ve experienced so far.

When you combine those advantages with silent operation and almost zero maintenance it makes it the ideal car for the car enthusiast to own as an around-town car.