Want to pay cash? That’ll cost you extra

When Noa Khamallah recently tried to pay cash for popcorn and soda at Yankee Stadium, his almighty dollars struck out.

The stadium’s concession stands no longer take cash. An employee directed him to a kiosk that could convert his greenbacks into plastic. Khamallah, 41 years old, fed $200 into the reverse ATM, which subtracted a $3.50 fee and spat out a debit card with a balance of $196.50.

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Concessions in sports stadiums have always been a rip-off, but this takes the cake.


But WE have allowed this to happen. If the sports stadiums started to see a real decline in attendance due to no cash policy maybe they might change.

The Federal Reserve says that there is no law that says a business has to accept cash…

UNLESS their state says so!

Forcing someone to pay with credit of some type may speed up the process. It may also save those poor young kids behind the counter who cannot figure out how to make change. (If you think that is crazy, they don’t really teach cursive writing any more - probably because cellphones don’t use it :slight_smile:

So by requiring things like credit cards or perhaps crypto, etc the companys may be having to absorb some type of transaction fee.

The liquor store I go to will give you a discount of the credit card transaction fee that they are charged if you pay cash. I think at one time they weren’t allowed to do this, but with credit cards and debit cards being so ubiquitous, so many people are paying with credit/debit cards that the loss of any revenues by offereing a cash discount are minimal.