VRBO vs. AirBnB? Any differences?

Looking at a short term rental on VRBO. The rates and location are good for my budget. My SO saw an AirBnB property actually farther from our day trips’ point of interest at about 3 times the cost for same time use. This latter property has more bells and whistles but is meant for a bigger group to share the spot.

I guess I am wondering if hosts simultaneously list on VRBO and AirBnB.

I have to see if my SO thinks my VRBO find is worth it. To me it is, as hotels charge outrageous rates for off-season bookings at the location IMHO.

Usually off season prices are significantly less expensive…

Many hosts will list on both. VRBO is better for hosts when dealing with scammers, but Air BnB according to a recent podcast is now doing background checks on guests.
I have noticed that VRBO is advertising that VRBO rentals are private and it’s just who you want to spend your vacation with there.
Air BnB has rentals that are guest apartments or even just rooms.

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Like a flophouse?

I’m not sure the best way to explain it. Search Rochester, NY (for example) on AirBnB and you will come up with private room rentals, studio apt rentals, hotel like room rentals, and even whole house rentals like one normally expects. VRBO does not allow private room rentals. I’m not sure about private apartments or the Hotel like experience.
I’m not saying these are bad places to stay at, but it is kind of a renter beware thing. Sometimes it looks like you’re getting a whole house or even a full apartment and you aren’t really. Need to look through the descriptions and read everything.

Sounds like unrelated parties renting rooms in a house. AirBnB converging towards hostel type set-ups.

I rented a room in a house with 4 men (I’m female). Didn’t think to ask about it at the time, but it worked out fine. Three of us were seniors, the other two were in their late 20’s. We all got along well and had locked rooms, tvs in each room and room cleaning if we chose. The owners parents cleaned the house each week. The owner had redone the house strictly for AirBnB and rentals; there was no living room or dining room, so no strangers were able to hang out for long. There was a small table with a couple of chairs in the kitchen and two refrigerators. Separate bathrooms for men and women, coin washer and dryer. It was great for the two months I was there, but I can imagine there are some horror landlords and stories out there.