Vanguard New fee structure

Received notice that Vanguard has changed its fee structure on brokerage accounts. Anyone able to give the bottom line of what the changes are?

I couldn’t make sense of the document that was linked and there isn’t a summary in email or on website.

Vanguard Brokerage Fee Changes -

switch to e-statements ( if you have not already) and the $20 fee is waived

Thank you
I read that in the email but thought it was just another nudge. Didnt understand that IS the change

Does that include IRAs?
My teens have paper statements for their IRAs

I imagine it includes every type of account if it under $1,000,000 :partying_face:

Vanguard is pushing a brokerage account set-up too in case the accounts are still mutual fund purchased ones from years ago. I converted my accounts at Vanguard last year to the brokerage type they are mandating by a deadline date.