Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab

I have multiple Vanguard mutual-fund-only accounts and have received no such notice.

Added… I just called and verified… I’m not being charged a fee for my mutual-fund-only accounts.

Depends on the balance. No I’m not asking.

Are you the primary account holder using e-delivery?

Just annoying process. Still thinking of moving assets instead of dealing with them.

I was a vanguard guy but after the disaster of their target funds and their no customer support on the phone , I move everything to Fidelity.

Fidelity had great website/App. They actually answered calls on their 800 number and they actually have local offices too.

Best of both worlds!

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What happened with the Target funds? I have never had a Target fund… I am more a roll your own Guy.

I am in Stocks with a nice percent in Wellington.
Wellington is my idea of a Target Fund…

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My father died in 2020 leaving a Vanguard IRA with a balance of $354. We, the heirs, have given up on ever getting this account closed.

They send me paper statements every quarter.