Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab

I have multiple Vanguard mutual-fund-only accounts and have received no such notice.

Added… I just called and verified… I’m not being charged a fee for my mutual-fund-only accounts.

Depends on the balance. No I’m not asking.

Are you the primary account holder using e-delivery?

Just annoying process. Still thinking of moving assets instead of dealing with them.

I was a vanguard guy but after the disaster of their target funds and their no customer support on the phone , I move everything to Fidelity.

Fidelity had great website/App. They actually answered calls on their 800 number and they actually have local offices too.

Best of both worlds!

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What happened with the Target funds? I have never had a Target fund… I am more a roll your own Guy.

I am in Stocks with a nice percent in Wellington.
Wellington is my idea of a Target Fund…

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My father died in 2020 leaving a Vanguard IRA with a balance of $354. We, the heirs, have given up on ever getting this account closed.

They send me paper statements every quarter.

Vanguard now has. An app that does not work and a website full of bugs. I plan to move my funds to Fidelity.

I reported major Fidelity and Schwab charting and technical indicator bugs on Reddit r/investing yesterday. No place is perfect but seems Vanguard less perfect than others. Fidelity has a great HSA which makes it unique.

Sad part is VG had a great website but for some reason had to change it. I suspect they did it so the same gui would flow with their app. Maybe its just me or I don’t want to re-learn it but things don’t flow as easy and it takes more clicks and navigation to get the same info I used to.

FYI, Blackrock and Vanguard are two of the biggest pushers of ESG initiatives, if that makes a difference to you. Also Vanguard has been almost impossible to talk to a live human.

Ameritrade will soon be owned by Schwab. Schwab and Fidelity are a coin toss. I like Fidelity’s 52 week analysis of where the current stock price falls, but Schwab has superior tools to analyze performance. I have got accounts at both.

Use your admiral contact line. Live person first or second ring every time.

ESG refers to Environmental, Social, and Governance investing. Vanguard this month changed policy and withdrew from the NZAM, the Net Zero (emissions) Asset Managers initiative because the initiative conflicted with the role of index funds. Vanguard’s statement: An update on our engagement with NZAM | Vanguard

ESG is the new “Socially Responsible” investing buzzword and there are no standards behind the metric. Its a new feel-good label that you can put on a piece of paper…

As long as they continue supporting initiatives of racial discrimination in hiring and awarding contracts (the “social” in ESG), I am not interested in dealing with them.

Or vote on Companies’ proxies that Vanguard owns, which it does. Alongside public pension managers.

Time to pull our cash from companies that support nefarious policies to the detriment of our country