Unique 401k situation

So, my wife and I are in a unique situation regarding her student loans and her 401k. She is enrolled in the new SAVE plan. Payments are based on the individuals AGI for the prior year. To get her AGI as low as possible and to keep the payments and interest low we file MFS and she maxes out her 401k. The issue is her 401k plan fee is much higher than what Clark recommends at .95% annual fee. The company match is only 2k a year capped as well. If she did not max out the 401k and just got the match payments would be $350 a month. As we have it set up now, they are $0. Should we keep this strategy? It’s almost like a guaranteed return, right?

Yes. I’ve seen this situation discussed on whitecoatinvestor. There are lots of posts on student loan repayment there. I’m not a student loan expert, but it looks like PAYE had a similar structure.

Here’s a user comment on one post:
“Aside from this, you can contribute to pre-tax accounts like a 401k/403b to lower your monthly student loan payments as well.”

Thanks for the info!