Treasury Bill auction results

Short-term Treasury bill auction results today: 13-week, investment rate of 2.151%; 26-week, investment rate of 2.760%. These are very safe, very liquid investments. - David Enna

Watching to see what the fed does with rates at end of the month.

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re Treasury notes and bills, state tax free too.

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That is a beautiful thing.

I would still take Series I Bonds at the moment…then switch to long-term Treasuries when the Fed gets to their terminal rate. I don’t do much with bonds however…

Not much is budging past 3% even if you got out 2,3,5 years etc. for treasuries or CDs. Oh, and the CDs are callable. I am waiting for July fed meeting in 2 weeks. Short term, 3 month and 6 month, is the best right now to keep some flexibility.

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Bank of Canada raised 1.00% yesterday !!!

Inflation bonds look like the path of least resistance if you have less than $10,000 to put in bonds for the year. The 9.62% rate allows you to get at least an annualized 4.81% if you decide to redeem them after one year. All bets are off November 1 2022.

I’ve been too much looking at Treasury bills and 2 year notes and CDs. It is easier if I just stay with I bonds until it hurts, lol