Too Many Rich People Bought Airbnbs

Maybe this could be an investment opportunity in the making?

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Around here, AirBNBs were rented for boisterous parties by young people for the weekend. Neighbors complained and police were called. Now some cities are putting limits to renting houses for AirBNBs.

A couple of years ago I used AirBNB a good amount for lodging. With all the added fees, they are now no cheaper than hotels, and have no one present to advise you on transportation and things to do. When the owner is present they often have obnoxious dogs. I have reverted back to staying in mid-priced hotels.

Another side effect of negative effective interest rates and pumping up the money supply. Everyone and his kid brother buy appreciating assets using leverage, just waiting for the price to go up.

Look up “Nick Gerli real estate” on YouTube. The fun is just starting. True bargains around, oh, the year 2027. Be patient, you will be rewarded.