Time to revisit Kirkland Fuel prices?

“# 6 Things To Know Before You Buy Gas at Costco Wholesale
Written by Anthony Hazzard | May 18th, 2023”

This analysis of Kirkland fuel prices from about a year ago shows gas savings of 30 to 45 cents less per gallon but I’m finding in Orlando, Florida, a steady decrease in savings per gallon less than a year later; closer to 5-10 to 20 cents difference compared to local gas stations (as of April 23, 2024.) What’s changed besides the Costco management Clark? (or Anthony Hazzard?)

Going to Costco from my residence is a 6 mile round trip. Saving $7.65 on a tank is one thing, but saving a $1.70 or less is hardly worth the detour from another enroute Top-Tier fuel supplier… “Sometimes, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze” in this case, the further the savings fall from last year.

Agreed, especially for premium. Costco is now 70 cents a gallon more for premium over regular. It used to be 30-50 cents.

When I got gas last week the posted price was $0.65 a gallon less than the other stations in the immediate area. This week it was $0.18. It has always varied like this throughout the year but our Costco is always the least expensive in the area. I always feel the variations are more of a reflection of the pricing strategies of the other stations than Costco’s pricing.