The New Rustbelt?

Will Silicon Valley become our new rustbelt?

I wonder what Clark Howard’s response to the question(s) would be.

From a few people who work directly with a few major players, “it ain’t lookin good.”

Too concentrated, too expensive… that’s why they are spreading out across the country, like Micron and major startups like the new EV makers.

H200h, what about Oregon and Washington State?

Too expensive… I think you’ll see them taking advantage of places like the Intermountain states, plains, Midwest and Appalachia. Much cheaper cost of living and labor market.

What about Texas? Austin is getting too crowded, is it not?

I was surprised to see Tesla’s new plant in Austin.
Although if you need a high tech workforce…

I left Oregon decades ago but still have family in both states. The cost of living in both is horrendous. Makes California look reasonable.

Musk is in charge. Don’t expect logical decisions. :nerd_face:

Wherever the taxes and cost of doing business blows their sails.

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