Socially responsible investing

For me it’s a problem when companies put anything ahead of profits. In an index fund, it’s not as bad; you are theoretically buying every stock including those focusing on profits and those that are deadweight

For instance I’m really against any company that makes non-profit contributions or where that becomes the focus instead of maximizing profit short-term or long-term for shareholders. I’d rather have the profit and donate the $$$ to causes I care about

I think every major corporation gives back. Social responsibility is a major part of the company I work for.

The title of your post is misleading. You DON’T want socially responsible investing. I think you are going to struggle to find any company to invest in.

Well I thought I could read the 10-K to see whom they are donating to and how much? Is it legit helping the community or more virtue signaling

I like the food pantry or domestic violence shelter not so much the United Way so maybe I don’t invest in companies who contribute to the United Way or who contribute over a certain percentage

Of course if it’s an index fund I don’t care as much

Very common for companies to have a matching gifts program. Employees give and then apply for a match. The list of charities the company gives to would be extremely varied. Some you may like and some you may not.

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Sounds cool ole. Matching gifts sounds good

I just want to make sure any charities I donate to are not LARCS charities so I prefer to donate locally.

Los Angeles Residential Community
Long Acting Reversable Contraceptives
Los Angeles Regional Collaborative
Loxahatchee Animal Rescue Community
Lead Abatement Resource Center

What are we talking about here??

Compulsory contraception for population control

That’s not a thing.

What I don’t want is companies trying to stear or shape society.