Russian investments in two giant ETFs which you might own

Vanguard’s VWO Emerging Market ETF holds no Russian stocks. They used to, they divested. Also the Vanguard VEU ETF, which is all non-US stocks (developed and emerging) has no Russia.

iShare’s EEM Emerging Market ETF still holds Russian stocks.

I’m never buying EEM. Russia is just about like Nazi Germany, but with nukes. What they are doing to Ukraine is just like what the Nazis did to Poland in 1939, but obviously the armaments are more lethal.

You have a lot more faith in your news sources than I do in mine. I honestly can’t tell what’s going on or who I should be rooting for. I’m certainly not changing my investment strategy because of it.

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I don’t think there is a good guy in this confrontation.

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Like I said, you’re a lot more confident that your news is accurate than I am. I certainly wouldn’t block someone who disagrees with me on this topic, since it’s a near certainty that I am being deceived (just like everyone else). I hope you don’t still think fake news only affects other people.

If you’re trying to divest from countries engaging in genocide, China is probably the place to start, since there is plenty of evidence that the CCP is actively engaging in at least four different genocides: Uighurs, Falun Gong, Taiwan, and fentanyl (the latter aimed squarely at Americans). VWO has an awful lot of money invested in China.

From what little I can find, Ukraine’s leader was quite possibly the most corrupt leader in eastern or western Europe before this thing started. It seems he had a passion for poking the bear. I certainly am no expert, but when you know what kind of evil Putin is, you don’t go out of your way to aggravate him.

You might find this source enlightening:

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I owned ERUS, buying on dips because I thought Putin was bluffing about the invasion. Has now been delisted and I essentially lost all my money.

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So you you didn’t believe your own intel community?

For the longest while Russia had the cheapest stock market in the world, mainly because of the political risk. I can’t resist value stocks, but admit I erred in taking a minor position in that ETF.

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It’s not an error to get one wrong. If you knew what was going to happen, you’d never lose money on an investment.
It would be an error to invest in something outside of your risk tolerance and preferred asset allocation.

Yes a 1-2% position in ERUS wasn’t foolish. I was frustrated that I couldn’t invest in Russia without investing in China. I own 100 shares of EMXC which is nearly 100% of my IRA but is only 4% of my retirement portfolio. About 6% is in EFA.

I’d definitely prefer Chinese sanctions to Russian sanctions especially if China invaded Taiwan