Robo Advisor..... Which one?

I have both Fidelity and Vanguard retirement accounts.

Vanguard is IRA and Fidelity is 401k.

I am 53 and plan to retire at 65.

I’m wondering which robo advisor would be better. I would like to set up good tax efficiency.

I am with Fidelity and did an experiment with Fidelity Go, their robo advisor. Some details:

  1. Free for under $25K, 0.35% per year for over $25K
  2. You get pick the investment strategy based on your risk tolerance
  3. Robo rebalances every month
  4. Robo invests in Fidelity funds not available to investors but you can easily mimic with other ETFs.


  1. Invested below the $25K threshold for fees
  2. Selected “Aggressive Growth” strategy
  3. Start Date: December 2022

Results: +27.44% (as of 6/10/2024)

I cannot speak to the Vanguard Robo advisor.