Investing with Ally

Has anyone used Ally for investing? I have all of my banking there and love it, but wondering if the robo-investing is a good one?

I have heard extremely bad feedback from several people and they left it in a hurry. I wouldn’t bother.

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Banks are for banking.

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Yes I invest with TDA and Fidelity. Bid/Ask spreads and quick trade executions are important

Hopefully I like the Schwab transition. Than I can close the Fidelity account and not bother with the Ally

I have TDA since they allow me Level III. Fidelity permits only Level I despite substantial experience

Better brokerages are TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Vanguard. Why roboinvesting?

Explanation… TD Ameritrade is to transition to Schwab. Bought or merged or something.

Little experience with TD as my bride has an account that I have seen and cannot stand the platform. Hopefully one will find Schwab platform more usable. Schwab generally is pretty responsive and good to work with. I did get a level 1 a while back, but former brokerage (USAA) would not let me have it so they got terminated.

Option trading is about as far apart from robo investing as you can get. Schwab has at least one robo product called Thomas Partners. If you have a reasonable size account you will get an advisor who will likely be very helpful…

Thank you for all of the feedback.