Retirement Fund Strategy for late starter

Hello! New member here…
We’re targeting 15% of gross income towards retirement account.

we currently have the following:

ROTH IRA via FidelityGo (maxed out)

if we have extra money in the budget, what should we do next? 403/457b (roth variant available)? open a brokerage account and invest in index mutual funds? invest in IUL?

we are about 10 years away from retirement…

thanks for any insights!

Have you asked on the Bogleheads forum? You’ll get a ton of responses there! Also- you can search for similar questions to see other related discussions.

Don’t know how much you have, what your pensions will be, or what your goals are. Hard to say what you should do without that info. But first, stay away from IUL.

the goal is the AARP retirement number…just started ROTH so not much in there… not counting on pension or Social Security for retirement …
why stay away from IUL?

What need are you trying to cover with Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

retirement income…

I have no suggestions about strategies, but wife learned from the Chinese, “Don’t try to save money after paying bills. No, set an amount and save it first—off the top.”

Ya, already doing that, then paying bills, then we have some left over :blush:

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You’re better off putting money in your own IRA, Roth IRA, or brokerage account and investing in index funds. Just do a Google search for the downsides of IUL and you’ll see what’s going on. If a salesman is trying to push you towards this, then note that any graphs of theoretical performance shown to you are most likely all crap. If you need life insurance to help heirs after you die, then get term life insurance. For retirement, use investments as stated above, of which IUL is not one.

A good place to visit for investing advice.