Payment to Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit ended up elsewhere

Last year I withdrew a large amount from my Reverse Mortgage line of credit. I subsequently repaid it with a documented description of it being a repayment to my line of credit. Instead it was applied to the principle, leaving me with a vastly reduced line of credit which defeated one of the main reasons I decided to get a Reverse Mortgage in the first place. . I have been trying for several months to get Longbridge to rectify the situation, to no avail. Their Customer Service has consisted of being passed from one person to another, none of whom have any idea of why it happened or how to fix it. I have also emailed the company per instructions on their website but have had no response. I am beyond frustrated and am seriously considering a re-fi elsewhere but the prospect of going thru the time and effort involved in that is unappealing to say the least. As is the idea of getting a lawyer involved. Any suggestions as how to get this resolved?