Passwords & Security

Good article Clark and great advice. I use complex passwords on all important websites. These passwords are all unrelated to each other and very different. As a further security measure, I NEVER use my phone to log in to my bank, credit accounts or retirement accounts. I have one computer that is only used to log in to these important sites and never used for anything other not even email. This computer does not use wifi, wired only and is disconnected from the internet prior to shutting it down.

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One feature that I use on my wireless router is “MAC Address Filtering” - this is a list of ethernet addresses that can connect to my router. So even if the hacker have your SSID and router password, the hacker cannot connect if the ethernet address is not on the list.

Which it will be if they are smart enough to know how to use MAC address spoofing.

I have been using Roboform as a password manager for many years. Roboform will generate a complex password for you and save it into a password protected encrypted database. Roboform can save other information such as usernames, telephone numbers, address information, credit card information, and more. When that information is needed for a website Roboform can fill in the information, so you do not have to type it. Roboform works across platforms. If you are using a site on your computer then move to your phone, Roboform can complete passwords and other information on the phone.

Roboform is feature rich, proven, and a very reliable program. I plan to continue to use it.