Own properties, but cannot get building loan

A family member owns 4 properties outright in a prominent community that is rising in price. She rents out 3 of the 4, and she cannot get a loan due to her accountant does not show gains due to the expenses that the properties incur.
Is there any way to get a loan with an 8 credit score if you are in the rental business?

Does she have other income that shows her ability to repay this loan? There are always hard money lenders (I.e. predatory) who will take on loans like this if the collateral is attractive.

Doesn’t sound right. What kind of loan is she wanting? Banks usually look at assets vs liabilities. Does she have big liabilities on something else?

she wants to build a big pole barn on her property. She does not have much savings as her rentals take most of her profits.

Still doesn’t make sense, if she owns the 4 properties outright, where are the big expenses coming from?

What kind of loan is she trying to get?

What kind of equity does she have in the rentals?
Sounds like not much.

Just because a property is “owned outright” does not mean that it is not encumbered. ALL real property comes with restrictive conditions. Some properties come with liabilities and various exposures lending institutions wouldn’t touch with a 10-ft pole. Things like easements, zoning allowed uses, taxes and legal entanglements just to mention a few.

If the owner is creditworthy and can prove they hold marketable title and ability to repay the obligation, they should qualify for a loan. It could be that the subject owner wants to be shielded from personal responsibility for repayment of the loan. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, if the zero cash flow from the rentals is legitimate, then you can’t use the write-off part as income, even if you are really pocketing it.

her rental houses are paid off for years. About a million bucks worth, as her town is a tourist town.