Norton antivirus

I was told by a computer repair service that Norton Antivirus is worthless and I should delete it. They also said that Norton actually creates scams and virus! I have Lways thought Norton was the best. Can anyone advise me on this? Thanks much!

I used Norton products, including Antivirus, for years. The amount of protection it provided over the free protection provided in Windows is questionable. I stopped using it because the software is bloated. It requires a lot of computer resources. It is exceedingly difficult to remove too. After uninstalling the Norton programs, many files remain on your computer and the registry retains many entries that don’t need to be there.

The Tech podcaster, Leo Laporte says just use the AV built into Windows. It’s called Windows Defender. Since it’s part of windows it doesn’t slow it down.

Leo says just don’t click on links in unsolicited emails. Just be careful where you go on the internet. Even an antivirus won’t stop you from being your own worst enemy. “Best Practices” as they say.