Normandy France Guides and Tours

We will be in Paris in November and plan on going to the Normandy area. Lot of personal interest with father a career AF pilot and served in France. We are considering renting a car in Normandy for self-tours or possible look into a private guide. Anyone have experience in this area? Thanks in advance.

I don’t have much experience in Normandy (only a bike trip through there in 1995), but I would encourage you to find a private guide or somehow spend some time with locals there. They will always remember World War II and the liberation of France by U.S. forces, so I think it would be an honor for them to host you & your veteran dad. Enjoy your trip!

I did a tour with a tour company ( in 2016. I thought it was great. Single van with about 6-8 people, includes a decent lunch, and they take you to the various beaches and the cemetery. I did a day trip from Paris and they pick up and drop off at the train station. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you. Sorry for the delay. Many medical appts. Will look into the company