Netflix "Basic" plan going away!

I’ve been a Netflix customer since the DVD days. About a week ago they cancelled my account for what they said was suspicious activity. (I highly doubt this since I used a cryptic email and complex generated password.) Their rep advised me to re-activate the account and select the AD free plan and he would escalate to have my basic plan re-instated… THEN, yesterday the account was cancelled AGAIN. This time they said my only recourse was to set up an entirely new account with a new email address… I’ve done that but now I have no way to get back to the plan/rate I was paying before. It seems like this is a CONVENIENT way for Netflix to FORCE all their loyal “Basic” plan customers to upgrade to a higher rate plan.

There is no way to contact Netflix by email to make my case and the phone reps are pretty good with technical issues but aren’t any help on the plan and rate issues. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? If you’re a current Basic plan customer I’d be curious to know if they’ve done the same to you.

I went to sign in to Netflix and received a message that it had been canceled. I was shocked because I did not receive an email or cancel it.
Reading your post makes me not want to do business with Netflix any longer.