Need a Mens Wedding Band

I unfortunately lost my wedding band, and I need a new one. I just want the same as what I had, a simple old school gold ring.

Where can I get one at a good price? Is a pawn shop a good place to go? Should I pay to have it evaluated before or after I buy it? How do I avoid getting ripped off, either by paying too much or paying for a piece of junk?

Back in the day, we just went to a jeweler for things like this. But there are probably other avenues that were not available in 1990.

You make one from a coin. As a kid we used to use silver coins to make rings. A coin the size of a nickel should work, maybe around one-quarter ounce of gold. You might even be able to sell, (or save) the left-over gold.

Here’s a website showing how to do it: